Al Narges

for medical Devices & supplies & laboratory


Importing and equipping medical and laboratory equipment and supplies from various international origins.

Maintenance of medical devices with highly experienced cadres.

Specialized courses in the installation and maintenance of medical and laboratory equipment by competent professionals.

Provide after-sales services.


We are "Al Narges" Medical Company, an Iraqi company specialized in the medical field, including medical and laboratory equipment and medical supplies.
The company is the product of over 15 years of experience in the medical field. We have branches in most provinces in southern, central and northern Iraq.
The company "Al Narges" represents many international companies producing medical devices and supplies of European and American known origins with a long history in the field of medical devices industry and occupies the forefront in its production magazines and the services it provides.
Our company has a specialized technical and commercial cadre of technicians consisting of engineers and doctors of various specialties who have been trained by the manufacturers that we represent to provide the best services to the agencies that are dealing with.
We also have workshops and training large numbers of doctors, engineers, and operators working in the medical field inside and outside the country.
Our company is responsible for providing after-sales services such as installation, installation, guarantee and maintenance of medical devices that are equipped and employing distinguished engineering staff with a high level of experience, which has been trained in the hardware manufacturers and this training is continuous and continuous to obtain the highest modern experience in their field of work.


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